♥ Happy Valentine's day ♥

quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2013

Happy Valentine's day everyone!! I hope you spend a day surrounded by love, either by your boyfriend/girlfriend, or by your friends and family ^^ Since Valentine's day is in the cold February I always thought this day is the perfect excuse to cuddle with your loved one and watch some gooey romantic films/series while drinking some delicious hot cocoa! 
Here are some of my favorite things to watch and some of my favorite couples ♥

 Romeo & Juliet * Romeo & Juliet 1996 movie

 Satine & Christian * Moulin Rouge

Padmé & Anakin * Star wars 

Kat & Patrick * 10 things I hate about you

Gwen & Peter * The Amazing Spiderman

Katara & Aang * Avatar The Last Airbender

Elizabeth and Mr Darcy * Pride and Prejudice 

Belle and Prince Adam * Beauty and the Beast

How about you? What are some of your favourite fictional couples?

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  2. Gostei muito deste post, muito criativo! Mas sinceramente não consigo escolher um favorito.


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